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Lucky you guys!

2014-07-20 11:01:11 by william341

So, the game is not on that computer I smashed everywhere. It is on my old, crappy, Dell laptop. So guess what, I got it connected to the Internet, and it's up and running. It has the old game, so this means:

  • The game will be on Newgrounds. (this is all you'll care about.)
  • The game will be on Mac, Windows and anything else that has flash.
  • We WILL be able to stay on 2.0!
  • And I have my old computer back :P

So yea guys, be happy now. I can work on the game again! *winka winka*


2014-07-20 00:32:58 by william341

Everyone be asking me all the time when xWorld be comming out eh? Well, there's been some setbacks, and we are happy to say we can finally start the game. However, it will be downlad and only for windows. This was not my choice, it was because of a reset. So, sorry, and see you next time.

and yes, the first line was from the Aprilween 2014 H*R thingy.

The story.

2013-11-23 15:34:40 by william341

The story. of an account named william341.

I joined newgrounds last year. Didn't do much. Made a game, got some good reviews, played 1 game and left to become a newgrounds myth. Or so you thought. Was my goal really to release a game, get 58 reviews and 1,518 plays and leave?


Its coming. Just wait. I didn't say soon.

New game coming soon (-ish)

2012-12-27 08:30:03 by william341

It's going to an action adventure game called xWorld
but... after that I donno